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Sweet Mystery Books was born in July 2012 when Sandy Penny was helping promote a self-published mystery author's first book. After finding few mystery book sites that would allow self-published authors to showcase their work, Sandy decided to do what she always does. She moved outside the box again and created a site that would consider all authors - as long as they had a well written and professionally produced product. That site was and is Sweet Mystery Books.

"As an author, editor, magazine publisher and marketing consultant for more than 30 years, I have seen the writing on the wall, the Facebook wall and other social media sites that say self-publishing and web marketing is now a must for new authors.

The big publishing houses have so restricted their title list, that to get a foot in the door is almost impossible these days. Once an author has been successful with an indie book, the big publishers and literary agents are much more open to reading new work and offering an advance and better percentages."

Some authors have just decided not to deal with the big publishing houses at all. Earnings percentages are greater with self published books, and if you are a new author with a publisher, you'll still have to handle your own marketing and book tours anyway. Once you've done all that, why share the winnings with someone who did not support you while you were building your readership?

"I personally think there is room for everyone, and that opportunities for authors have never been better. So, I decided to capitalize on the writing trends and get ahead of the curve."

The books featured on this site are chosen by Sandy Penny at her discretion and are not meant to reflect negatively on authors who are not represented. New books and authors are being added daily.

"Also, I need your help to make this site as much fun and as useful to readers as possible. You are invited to send me your favorite mystery book titles, authors, blogs, films and events. Thanks."  -Sandy Penny


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