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Tonya Kappes ... Magical Cure Mysteries . Paranormal Subjects

 Who doesn’t love driving through a small town where everyone waves at you when you drive by, take their time crossing the street, or belly up to the local watering hole for an ice tea or cold beer to catch up on the latest gossip? I admit it. I grew up in a very small town in Kentucky. I knew everyone by name and if I didn’t … I asked. By the end of the conversation I could tell you where they came from, what they were doing in town, and their entire life history.

Just like any teenager … I couldn’t wait to get out of that small town. After all, before I got home, my parents already knew who I was with and what I had been doing before I could even tell them. 

Word got around fast. I moved away to a city and loved that everyone didn’t care what I was doing or who I was doing it with. Not many years after I had left my small town, I found myself dreaming about my hometown. I wondered what everyone was doing. If they were stopping by the local drug store for a fountain drink or if they were just being lazy on a porch swing talking to the neighbors (gossiping of course) or what the crazy cat lady was up to.

As a writer I tapped into those feelings and started to make up my own town with characters that had problems and gossip would swirl around about them. You might even find a dash or two of paranormal in most of my series.  


"Tonya Kappes' A Magical Cure Series, charmed me until the end!" ~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews 

From flea markets to a fantastical spiritual village, The Magical Cures Series takes you on a whirlwind of mystery, murder, fairies and witches as June is convinced by her childhood friend to move into Whispering Falls, a spiritual and magical village. June discovers that her parents, who are both dead now, used to live in Whispering Falls. Get to know June Heal as she moves into the magical village and discovers her true identity in this box set that includes the first three BEST SELLING novels in the series: A CHARMING CRIME, A CHARMING CURE, and A CHARMING WISH. 

Tonya has written more than 15 novels and four novellas, all of which have graced numerous bestseller lists, including USA Today. Best known for stories charged with emotion and humor, and filled with flawed and quirky characters, her novels have garnered reader praise and glowing critical reviews. 

Spend some quality time in Whispering Falls, it's a magical experience.

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A Charming Secret . Book 6

Bubble... Bubble... June Heal has it all. A Charming Cure, her magical cure shop in the town of Whispering Falls, is thriving and she's engaged to her childhood sweetheart and sheriff, Oscar Park. Petunia Shrubwood is taking over as Village President and there is a new bed and breakfast in town, Full Moon Treesort. Life in Whispering Falls is good. 

Cures And Trouble...  Evil begins to lurk as June's nightmares return, sending her intuition into a downward spiral. A Charming Cure goes up in flames and there is a dead body in the attic, clutching one of June's cures, sending some of the residents of Whispering Falls on a hunt. . .and she's the one they are looking for! 

Magic Stirs... June flees to her hometown of Locust Grove, reopening her cure shop at the local flea market, giving her the opportunity to use her intuition and put her sleuthing skills to work. 

And Troubles Double... Will June wake up from this nightmare in time to save Mr. Prince Charming, her Fairy-God cat, after her nightmare reveals his ultimate demise? 

A Charming Magic - Book 5

Bubble, Bubble. . .  Magic is floating all around Whispering Falls. There is a new flower shop, Magical Moments, and an upcoming wedding that has the town on cloud nine. 

Cures and Trouble. . . Arabella Paxton, the owner of Magical Moments is smart, beautiful and has her eyes on Oscar Park. Not even the dark cloud looming over Whispering Falls is going to stop her from what she wants. 

Magic Stirs. . . Village President and A Charming Cure owner, June Heal, is on a mission to find out why things are dying in Whispering Falls including her relationship with Oscar Park. 

And Trouble Doubles. . . There is a perfect storm brewing and a beloved Whispering Falls resident has been poisoned from a potion bought at A Charming Cure. June Heal has to use all her sleuthing skills and a little bit of magic to not only clear her name but help Oscar remember that she is the love of his life. 

A Charming Spell . Book 4

Bubble... Bubble...  There is a new store Whispering Falls, Kentucky. Ophelia Biblio, the owner of Ever After Book Shop, has a power that no one else in Whispering Falls has. She’s a witch and her shop is magical. 

Cures and trouble ... June Heal is on a mission to come up with a special cure for Sheriff Oscar Park to help him regain his memory, while working hard at being the best newly elected Village President of the magical village. Alexelrod Primrose shows up on June’s doorstep begging her to block the opening of Ever After Books, making her wonder if opening the village doors to witches is a good idea. When one of the Spiritualist turns up dead and Oscar Park is falling in love with someone else, June has her hands full trying to solve a murder and fix her love life. 

A Charming Wish . Book 3 . Ding Dong Deadly

June is struggling with higher levels of magic and learning how to be Mayor of the Whispering Falls when a Genie shows up in a bottle left by one of her suppliers, Kenny, A Native American Shaman. She doesn't know how to contact Kenny to return his genie, and starts asking around about him. When he shows up dead on her doorstep, she is put on house arrest and forbidden to make any more potions until they find out what happened to him. This girl has some bad karma with being blamed for murder. She needs a past life regression to find out why. Oscar, her policeman beloved wants to help her so much that he renounces his powers for the opportunity to help. What will this mean for their future together? Once again, lots of action, drama and slip-ups that keep it interesting. How will June ever solve anything now that he comfort food, Ding Dongs, are no longer being made? Very entertaining. I did notice this book needed additional proofing and had some magical discrepancies from the previous stories, but still, I give it a ****Four Star rating. ~Sandy Penny, Founder of 

In A Charming Cure . Book 2

As June is learning more about her gift for creating magic healing potions (think sorcerer's apprentice mishaps), her Great Aunt Helena shows up and whisks her away to Hidden Hall magic school. No one told her she had to go to school. And her aunt is the dean. When one of the students is given a potion that puts her into a deep coma and could kill her, June is accused, because of her talent for potions and an argument with the girl. She has to find a way to prove her innocence again. Why is she the first one to be accused of everything? Her romance with her childhood sweetheart also heats up. Good story, well told. *****Five Stars.  ~Sandy Penny, Founder of

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A Charming Crime . Book 1

Magical Cures Mystery Series . A Romp

by Tonya Kappes

Review by Sandy Penny,

This is my first read of Tonya Kappes, and I totally enjoyed the book. I am a fan of psychic mysteries, and this one took it further than most. 

June Heal is just getting over her mother's death, the shock of finding out her nightmares are actually premonitions of murders, and that her homeopathic concoctions actually have magical powers. After a fire at her home, she moves to a town full of psychics with all kinds of magical powers and becomes the number one suspect in a murder. With a whole town full of psychics and people with paranormal abilities, how can a killer stay hidden? Why don't they see that it's not her? It's only a matter of time before the murderer is caught, but it may be too late for June by then as it becomes clear that, in her nightmare of death, she is the victim. And to make it all worse, her best childhood friend and possibly the man she loves, and the local policeman, could be the murderer. 

It's all a little freaky and has great characters with some funny moments and enough suspense to keep you reading. It's lighthearted and I would classify it as a supernatural cozy mystery. I read it with only a few breaks for food and coffee and then back to the story. It's Bewitched meets Sedona told in a style like Janet Evanovich. I give it five stars, but did notice a few typos. 

Beyond the Best Selling Magical Cure Series, Tonya Kappes has written a number of other paranormal novels for you to explore.